Thomas Hove. "Laeeq is a very amiable person, and what I admire most about him are his intellectual curiosity and his wide-ranging expertise in the practical and academic aspects of social media. I'm certain he will be an inspiring professor and mentor, as well as a pleasant and valuable academic colleague."
Thomas Hove
Thomas Hove, Associate Professor, Division of Advertising and Public Relations, Hanyang University, South Korea
Atiq Warraich. I had the pleasure to know Laeeq at both personal and professional level when I was working at the Michigan State University. Over the years, I always enjoyed talking to him about his passion for research on especially user engagement and data analytics.
Atiq Warraich
Atiq Warraich, Web Program Director at The National Archives, Washington DC.
Paul Rinella "I have known Laeeq Khan since February of 2013 when he first applied for the Community Coordinator position here at Michigan State University.   I have had the privilege to supervise Laeeq in this position since May of 2012.  Mr. Khan is among the very best staff members I have had the honor to work with here at MSU over the last 15+ years.  He is intelligent, hardworking, positive, honest and caring.   He is a man of integrity who gives his best and will whatever he can to assist others to succeed.   One of his skills has been assisting others, including me with technology and utilizing social media.   Laeeq has facilitated programs to assist others to develop their own webpages and he has helped me to begin work on mine!   I have also had the opportunity to get to know Laeeq on a personal level.  He is a devoted and loving husband and father.  Mr. Khan is open and respectful to everyone he meets and does his best to reach out to everyone to offer kindness and friendship.   I give my highest recommendation to any employer or organization considering hiring or offering affiliation to Mr. Laeeq Khan.
Paul Rinella
Paul Rinella M.Ed. Community Director University Apartments Michigan State University
Aamir Amin "I have had the privilege to study two IT related subjects under the kind tutelage of Mr. Laeeq Khan during my Bachelors degree at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. During a bachelor degree, students are ambitious and energetic. However, they rarely come across a teacher who can spur their ambitions and energies and guide them towards the right direction. Mr. Laeeq was one of those rare teachers. His teaching methods, assignments and class discussions always urged us to see things differently and in a broader perspective. In an environment of conventional bookish methods, it was a breath of fresh air. It is because of his unequivocal sincerity towards their well being that the students of BBA Fall ’03 still remember him with the words of respect and gratitude. Since that time, we have been virtually connected and even miles apart I can still feel his dedication, ambition, professionalism and sincerity of purpose through his writings and online endeavors. All these traits coupled with his passion towards technology have inspired me a lot. People like Mr. Laeeq are a valuable asset not only for their organizations but also for their family, friends and society at large. Considering his potential, Mr. Laeeq has a lot to accomplish, as for a person like him, the sky is just a beginning not a limit. "
Aamir Amin
PhD (IT) Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia
Terence L. Holmes "I had the pleasure of working with Laeeq while he was a masters student here at Murray State. As my graduate assistant, Laeeq was responsible for taking care of the listserve for a national conference founded by our Telecommunication Systems Management program (TSM). It was a pleasure to have such an eager and dedicated student assigned to me! During his time with me we were growing the conference from its startup (a small gathering in 2002 here on campus) to a successful national conference that spawned a national organization of schools with similar programs--the International Telecommunications Research and Education Association (ITERA). Laeeq deserves a lot of credit for this success because of his quick understanding of the aims of the program and goals for the conference, his prompt responses to the numerous inquiries about the conference, and his thoroughness in maintaining the growing database. I always treat my grad assistants as if they are Ph.D. students, with lots of responsibilities and coaching about working in academe. Thus I was very happy to learn that Laeeq was going on to pursue a doctorate and proud that he has already achieved so much commendable work in accomplishing his goals. He will be a star teacher and researcher wherever he goes.
Terry Homes
Professor of Marketing and Chair, Department of Management Marketing & Business Administration, College of Business, Murray State University
Leigh Graves Wolf "I had the pleasure of working with Laeeq in CEP 820: Teaching K12 Students Online. Laeeq was the lead TA in CEP 820 in the Summer of 2010. CEP 820 is a very demanding course and Laeeq did a wonderful job balancing pedagogy and content knowledge. CEP 820 is a Master's level course that requires the instructor to be familiar not only with several different course management systems but with assisting others in online course delivery. Additionally, the summer version of CEP 820 is in a condensed format and Laeeq never showed stress from the hectic pace of the semester. His SIRS forms were quite complimentary and he took sincere and great interest in student progress. In sum, I would strongly recommend Laeeq and sincerely enjoyed having him as part of our teaching team."
Leigh Wolf
Program Director for the Master’s in Educational Technology program at Michigan State University.
Nick Holton "As a member of the Masters in Education program at Michigan State University, Mr. Laeeq Khan served as one of my instructors for multiple courses on technology and education. Throughout my experience in those courses I found Mr. Khan's work ethic, forms of communication and general approach to teaching and online learning to be extremely efficient and thorough. Expectations, instructions and feedback were always clear and consistent. In addition to the way in which he ran these courses, Mr. Khan's ability to ask the pertinent and thought provoking questions regarding the tools and topics we were addressing were always well constructed and delivered. He was a wonderful instructor and provided me with a great deal of professional growth."
Screen shot 2012-01-04 at 11.57.58 AM
Nick Holton
Nick Holton - Educator, Coach, Educational Consulatant - Los Angeles
David McCarty "I had the pleasure of having Mr. Laeeq Khan as a teaching assistant this past year. I was very impressed with his knowledge, enthusiasm, and professionalism. He immediately offered several suggestions for improving the course and took the initiative to implement them upon my approval. He always kept me in the loop when communicating with our students. Because of his prior teaching experience and the degree of professionalism he demonstrated right from the start, I was comfortable giving him substantial responsibility for administering one of my core courses. Mr. Khan is one of the best TAs that I have ever worked with. Apparently, the students agree; in his or her end-of-course evaluation, one student wrote, "I love Dr. McCarty and Mr. Khan!" I give Laeeq my wholehearted recommendation and best wishes."
Screen shot 2012-02-26 at 5.33.27 PM
David McCarty
Associate Professor, Telecommunications, Information Studies & Media (TISM), Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University.
Humaira Hirose "Mr. Laeeq Khan taught me a course in media and communication during my undergraduate studies at SZABIST Islamabad. I found him to be an exceptionally well versed, organized and dedicated instructor. His teaching method made a great impact on my academic performance and my perceptions about pursuing higher education. I had the privilege of having him as a research supervisor on a number of my academic papers in which he helped me above and beyond my expectations.I have always looked up to him as not only my former teacher but also my mentor. I feel as though no decision regarding my academic choices would be complete without his input and advice. I can testify with full confidence that he was one of the few faculty members students could put their complete trust in. I am of the notion that an individual of his stature and poise are highly sought after and I am certain he would excel in almost any kind of work environment. It was an absolute pleasure knowing him and studying under his supervision.
Screen shot 2012-01-04 at 12.10.25 PM
Humaira Hirose
Humaira Ahmad Hirose - MA student in Development Studies, University of Sydney