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Socia Media & Personal Branding

Social media use is often accompanied by concerns of reputation and privacy.  An important element of responsible social media use is managing your personal online brand. Creating a strong personal brand helps you maintain your reputation just as it does in the offline world. The concept of branding brings in mind well known organizations, companies […]

The social media roller coaster

Whats with all the change on social networking sites that has been haunting us for months. Facebook, Twitter, Google + all seem to be on a fast track of rapid changes that often makes users uneasy. Vying for superiority in the age of tough competition sometimes makes companies lose sight. A problem at one place […]

Importance of Comments

Do you ever pay attention to comments below news articles, YouTube videos or on status updates on social media sites? If yes, how important do you think they are? Do they make you think differently? These are some questions that can be interesting and worth looking into. Comments on news articles, videos, and photos can […]

Social media benefits small businesses

“Social what?…” Yes, this was the answer I received upon asking a small business owner about social media. Sometimes, sitting in front of computers and being intensively involved with social media may make us out of touch with reality. No doubt social media use has become pervasive, but are some being left out? In my […]

Social Media for Business

This graph was shared and re-shared on Google Plus and has been recirculating since then. It gives a powerful message about the instant popularity of Google Plus as a new social media contender to the dominant leader Facebook. A little Googling revealed that the graph depicting the fast rise of Google plus was actually built  […]